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I like reading books, who doesn’t, right? The truth is that young people do not want to read books any more. Why is that? Well, we live in the world where number one is internet. Instead of reading books, people read articles, magazines etc., everything online. We forget about books. It is too pity because books will always have some kind of charm. Books are usually better than movie, do you know why? There is more information. Due to fact that I like books as well as translations I have decided to write an article which connects these two words. Thanks that we have translators because without them we would not be able to read most of books.
Today’s question is: What are the most translatedbooks on the world? Keep reading and you will find out.
Bible is obviously number one
Thisbook has been translated into 2,459 foreign languages and today is still the most translated book ever.
Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
Who would day that Pinocchio is going to number two? Children’s book of the Italian writer Carlo Collodi has been translatedinto more than 260 languages.
Le petit prince (the little prince in english) by Antoine de Saint Exupery
Number three is Little prince. The book has been translatedinto more than 180 foreign languages.I have read this Philosophicaltaleforchildrenandadults and I highly recommended it.
Fairy tales by HansChristian Andersen
Translated into 153 foreign languages
Jules Verne – Twenty ThousandLeagues Under the Sea
Translated into 147 foreign languages
Translated into 112 foreign languages
The Koran
It has been translated into 112 foreign languages. It is the basic book for Islamic believers.
LewisCarroll– Alice inWonderland
Translated again into 112 foreign languages. I have seen the movie and it is amazing. Nowsdays the Serials are getting popular and very soon you can watch the serial called Once upon a time in Wonderland. I can’ t wait for it.
HergeThe Adventures of Tintin
Translated into 96 foreign languages.
PauloCoelhoThe Alchemist
Translated into 67 foreign languages.

What is my next target? I will read some of the mosttranslatedbooks on the world. Maybe I will start with Alice in Wonderland. What about you?